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The Project



TO.P School is a private Kindergaten and Primary School characterised by an exclusive educational/didactic project that allows children to learn English in a completely natural way.

The School has obtained the approval of the Italian Educational Ministry.

English language learning is the key element of this unique educational program: children are followed by qualified teachers and personnel throughout their whole process of growth, from the first sharing and playing experiences to the full development of their personality.

Thanks to their exclusive educational/didactic project, TOP Kidz and TO.P – Torino Primary School guarantee the bilingualism of children at the end of the complete schooling cycle, within a warm and stimulating environment, designed for both Italian and foreign children.

The international context promotes our country’s language and culture: the parallel assimilation of other subjects (such us History, Geography, Education in Citizenship matters, Maths, Science, Music, Art and Physical Education) allows a harmonious, well-balanced and culturally complete growth and development of the child.

This educational path meets the needs and the background/portfolio of those children who come from international school context (especially from the U.S.A).

Our mission is to provide the best instrument for the endless changes, the challenges and the new multiculturalism of our time: a solid passport for the future.