TO.P kindergarten and primary school are characterized by an exclusive educational and didactic method and project, aimed to guarantee a natural and spontaneous assimilation of English language, without the boundaries of an English course.

Learning English is the key element of a unique educational path which starts from playing together, in order to accompany children, step by step, in their growing.

Bilingual context, small classes and dedication to the child as a person are the elements used to enhance learning and help promote our country language and culture. Furthermore they also help the children to achieve a complete and balanced cultural growth.

This is not enough though.

We want to focus our attention on scientific subjects; school staff are trained to use state of the art math and science methods. The educational curriculum also provides workshops with specialists, aimed to evoke and attract children.

With its exclusive educational program, TOP Kidz and TO.P. Primary School can guarantee, at the end of the learning cycle, children’s bilingualism.
Our mission is to give them the best instruments to face the challenges and the multiculturality, which characterize our times: we are giving them a passport for the future.