Math is our friend!

And in fact, elementary school mathematics plays a fundamental role in the education and future choices of children. In elementary school, in fact, the foundations are laid for the construction of the discipline that will develop in later years.

A motivating and engaging teaching proposal will have the consequence of facilitating children’s understanding and collaboration in the construction of mathematical knowledge and of creating positive relationships with the discipline by stimulating curiosity and enjoyment of a subject that usually creates difficulties for students in later school years and becomes an obstacle to their choices for further studies in science.
Overcoming the hostility we so frequently feel in children toward mathematics is a goal for which our elementary school creates fundamental premises.

Through the creation of a path in continuity with kindergarten in this discipline.
Through the treatment of disciplinary content in both languages: Italian and mathematics through the co-presence of teachers with the basic choice of the complete development of content in the Italian language. This is to encourage both the possibility of more easily using the opportunities for applications of the discipline in everyday reality and the comparison with the course carried out in other institutions. In the co-presence mode, content can be consolidated so that this opportunity becomes an added value for learners.